Advanced Cloud Communications

Hosted IP with Avalle4Business

Cloud based services from Avalle4Business offer you total access to all the communication tools you need, when you need, without having to invest in expensive, rigid phone systems.

You only pay for services you need, it’s on tap and personalised to you.

Key Features

Intelligent Business and User communication tools

On Site to Cloud Telephony

Cost savings, benefits and processes in migrating to Cloud telephony

IP Hardware

Telephones, Headsets and Conferencing

  • Work from any location with any device whenever you need
  • Share your number across multiple devices so you can always be reached
  • Easy to use web administration portal for instant changes
  • Complete visibility of your colleagues availability via a simple PC application
  • Analyse call volumes with call statistics
  • Record calls to remember important messages
  • Customer directory for personalised answering
  • Music and marketing on hold to share news while callers are waiting
  • Tailored auto attendant to automatically route calls to the right area first time
  • Intelligent call routing so calls always reach the right place rather than being lost
  • Minimise customer disruption because you can’t get to the office; weather, transport, car or family. With the click of button you can divert calls to stay connected
  • Enable home working without any compromise in service
  • Increase your resource pool with easy measurable access from any location
  • Enable mobile working without any compromise in service
  • Click to dial from the web
  • Share corporate directories, call logs and missed calls
  • Show availability of colleagues to take a call
  • Set personalise calling rules when you are busy, including do not disturb and only accept calls from 123xxx
  • Enable easy call diverts to allow calls to be rerouted to any phone in case of emergencies
  • 30 day rolling contract
  • Increase and decrease users to meet only your current requirements
  • Predictable pricing with low cost service packages and inclusive minutes
  • Zero ongoing maintenance
  • Free ongoing administration support for adds, moves and changes
  • Low cost call charges and call packages
  • No need to upgrade with zero equipment or software obsolescence
  • Free set up and service configuration*

*Standard set up for up to 10 users.

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