How to handle calls outside traditional business hours!

What do you do when you receive calls throughout the day and night and need to provide different responses?

It’s not straight forward especially if you need to regularly change your opening times due to supply and demand.


With Avalle4Business you decide how calls are treated based on the time of day, for example calls can be sent to different destinations or receive different announcements and you are in full control of the time schedule and how calls are handled.

With our simple 3 step approach calls get routed to the correct area based on when they call, ensuring a professional service while minimising ongoing costs to manage.

  1. Set your in office and out of office times
  2. Create your out of hours call handing
  3. click and save

Changes are implemented instantly and fully accessible from your self service portal from any internet enabled device. Meaning where ever you are, you are in full control of your call handling.

When would you use it?

  • If you have clients that order goods early or late
  • If you need to change opening times based on specific events such as ticket booking
  • If you need to redirect out of hours service calls to other numbers
  • If you receive calls from other time zones

From £3.00 per month it’s a simple cost effective solution to ensure your customers get the best possible service.

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