Alpha Digital Networks PLC

Case Study


Adn plc sell a large range of interactive touch screens, large format video walls, digital posters and display screens into the educational, corporate and retail market sectors.


Supporting three vertical sectors and a geographical spread of customer sites creates communication challenges in supporting new and existing customer requirements.


Being able to enable, manage, co-ordinate and measure the activity of employees spread across different locations is a critical requirement in maintaining and growing their customer base in a highly competitive market. The communication infrastructure to provide this level of functionality with an onsite phone system would be technically difficult and prohibitively expensive, with high ongoing service fees.

The requirement

Integrate mobile and office staff into a single communication solution, allowing for the seamless management of calls between staff, irrespective of location. To measure call statistics and record calls to drive activity and best practice. Be able to make changes to services in-house without having to rely on external telephone engineers.


Adn plc approached Avalle4business to provide a flexible ‘cloud’ based communication solution that could meet their requirements without tying them into a lengthy contract.
The Avalle4business service has enabled Adn plc to incorporate all their employees, both mobile and office based into a single solution with full administrative control tailored to their exact requirements. Meaning they can ensure they are only being charged for the features and services they need.
The specific features adopted include; auto attendant with multiple hunt groups, shared corporate directory, call logger to measure inbound and outbound call statistics, voice recording, mobile phone integration and PC user application to show the availability of colleagues, instant messaging and web based dialling. In addition to the specific services provided Adn plc also benefit from an additional security layer with disaster recovery and credit fraud protection.

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