Piron Networks

Case Study


Piron Networks specialise in the purchase, refurbishment and sale of business telephony equipment throughout the UK. With a strong focus on customer service their business operates through a number of channels to source and supply telephony equipment.


Piron Networks understand that the availability of stock to refurbish, repair and sell is a very much a time bound opportunity. As a result they need to ensure they are easy to contact and always available, as customers have multiple routes to dispose and purchase hardware.


The skilled technical resource within PN are required to multi task key activities that underpin Piron’s growth; including talking to customers, organising the equipment process of source, repair, sell, dispatch and support and the actual process of repair and refurbish.
With a requirement to grow their business through different channels it is important they personalise their inbound call enquiries and never miss a call. However to manage a high volume of inbound call enquiries with a growing resource pool and adhoc requirements to be off site has made a traditional telephony system approach restrictive and expensive.


Avalle4Business worked with PN to create a flexible hosted service which allows them to utilise multiple external hunt groups with the same resource pool, highlighting which sale line has been called for a more personalised service. Diverts have been set up on individual and hunt group numbers to minimise missed opportunities. The simple instant provisioning tools have made it easy to divert numbers to mobiles when working remotely and a rolling 30 day contract means that services and charges stay aligned to PN’s immediate requirements.

As part of the service PN also has the ability to upload their customer directory and see call log traffic at individual level and at hunt group level to help with resource planning and productivity checks.

Finally as the service being provided has credit locking and an easy approach to divert calls to other numbers PN know they have commercial security in case of attempted fraud and useful disaster recovery capabilities if they face challenges getting to site.

Very Happy with the service, excellent customer support and the phone system is really easy to use. Highly recommended.

Piron Networks

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