We believe work is something you do rather than the location you do it in, which is why we ensure your calls always reach you irrespective of how and where you are working.

Sometimes however with the best planning in the world things happen which are outside your control.

  • Flat tyre
  • Train strike
  • Snow storm
  • Child care

There are many reasons that can impact on your ability to get into the office and losing the ability to handle inbound calls can make the difference between a win or a loss, keeping a customer happy, resolving an issue or moving a project forward.
With Avall4Business we provide you with a range of instant re-routing options.

With the click of a button you can re-route all your calls to your friend’s kitchen phone or wherever you have inadvertently ended up.

Our powerful platform can divert calls from individual extension level through to main business numbers.

Depending on the seriousness of the issue we can ensure your customers and prospective customers do not suffer as a result.

Accessible from any internet enabled device from any location you never need worry about waiting for an engineer or a call back. You have complete control from Monday morning through to Sunday night.
For a few pounds a month we help you stay connected.

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