How to create a flexible dedicated workforce

Traditionally employing staff revolves around how close they live to your place of work. Location then dictates your available resource pool, limiting the talent you need to help your business strive.
Locations also need paying for; rent, rates and utilises add up to create a high flat line cost that can impact your ability to grow.

What if?

You could employ people from anywhere in the UK, providing the largest possible talent pool to help your business move forward.

What if?

You didn’t need to provide desk space in an office for every employee, but still ensure your staff stay connected.

What if?

You could track and measure the activity of staff even if they worked remotely.

You can!

Effective remote working is now fully available from Avalle4business. Your business can be spread across as many locations as you want, be that office locations, home working or occasional hot-desking.

Your business communication becomes a virtual entity where users can connect from any location and any device, all with complete visibility of each other’s status. With shared customer directories, call logging statistics, the ability to instant message and record calls, as if you were working side by side in a single office.

Now you can grow without the overhead costs, you can employ the staff you need irrespective of where they live, all while providing seamless measurable communications.

Take advantage of flexible working not only will it dramatically help you it will help your staff as well!

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