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What is the difference between hosted, cloud and VoIP telephony?

They all mean the same thing which is providing business telephony services across your broadband. All you require is IP telephone plugged into a broadband circuit and you can make and receive phone calls. The services offer similar functionality to an onsite phone system and they are typically delivered as a subscription service.

What is Avalle4Business?

A4B is a next generation cloud based telephony service which provides you with feature rich enhanced business telephony delivered across your broadband. Offering a tailored range of features to maximise how you communicate together with highly attractive pricing and flexible contract terms. No equipment on site, no ongoing maintenance and no programming charges, you have total control of your service backed up with full ongoing dedicated support. We proactively look after every customer to make sure they get the most from the system.
We believe our service is the best tailored business cloud communication offering in the UK.

Can I connect people from home or other locations?

AVB seamlessly lets you include anybody who has access to an internet. Home working, mobile working, multiple office locations can all integrate together under a single short code extension plan with free calling between colleagues. Easy!

What are the contract terms?

We believe in providing a compelling tailored service that meets your communication requirements when you need them. Which is why we offer a 30 day rolling contract; scale up and down services to take into account seasonal fluctuations and temporary staff. You no longer need worry about paying for services you don’t need. Clever!

How much does it cost?

You pay an ongoing monthly subscription fee per user and for some chargeable business features. Our packages, features and inclusive minutes are listed on our web site. Plus you have access to a highly intuitive web administration portal, allowing you to change your services in real time. To know exactly how your service will cost give us a call and we will price it up for you immediately.

What are the payment terms?

Telephone hardware to be paid upfront and ongoing services paid monthly on a direct debit mandate.

How secure is the service?

All customers have financial security with credit locking at extension level to remove the risk of phone hacking fraud.
Disaster recovery is set up at multiple levels to ensure your calls always get through to someone even if you are facing an emergency; be that weather, car or family related. You can log on from any internet device and reroute your calls.
A4B is hosted in multiple data centres with full platform and network redundancy offering the highest level of service availability in any given month.

What happens if my Broadband goes down?

Diverts can be set up at business level and also extension level immediately removing any risk of missed calls. These can be to mobiles or other phone lines on site or at a different locations, you choose.

Can I keep my telephones?

You will need new IP telephones to connect to A4B to ensure that the hardware stays supported in line with the service. We program and fully test each phone before they are sent out. With prices starting from £42 plus VAT and a large choice of handsets our team will help recommend the most appropriate phones for your business and budget.

How easy is it to add and remove users?

VERY. Call us and we can add or remove users for you immediately or you can add them yourself through the web portal. Remember you only pay for the services you need, so when you need to grow or shrink it is just a phone call to us or a click through the web portal.

What is the voice quality like?

Voice over IP, or voice over your broadband offers very clear communication, the important element is to make sure you have enough bandwidth available. Each voice calls takes up a small amount of data, approximately 150kb. If you need to have 5 simultaneous calls you will need around 1MB of upstream bandwidth. If you are unsure talk to us and we can advise the on the best broadband connection.

How long will it take to get service?

We can get you up and running within 3 working days – pretty quick! And once you are live we can continue to work with you to ensure the service meets your ongoing requirements.

What if I want to take my telephone number?

Don’t worry we can port over your existing telephone number and manage the process on your behalf between BT Openreach (who own the core network) and your existing supplier.

How long will it take to move across my old number?

Between 2 – 5 weeks, depending on the type and amount numbers. We have a dedicated porting team who manage the process and work to industry guidelines. You will be kept informed throughout the process so when the time comes to go live there is a seamless transition from your old system to you new service.

How much does the installation and set up cost?

Standard installation and initial configuration are free of charge. Larger installation will be chargeable.

What about my old equipment?

Let us know what it is and we may make you an offer.

Why should I move to A4B?

  • You have complete control of your service, no longer having to rely on expensive engineers for reprogramming.
  • There are no ongoing maintenance charges.
  • You receive a range of exceptional business tools free as part of the service, including call logging, directory, disaster recovery call control and credit locking.
  • We provide proactive dedicated ongoing support.
  • You only pay for what you need and can scale up and down as many times as you need as part of a 30 day rolling contract.

How many minutes do I get?

Don’t worry about minutes anymore, with low call rates and inclusive minutes as standard plus simple options to upgrade to 2000 minute monthly bundles. Our service focuses on helping you increase productivity while providing predictability with your monthly charges.

Can I use cordless phones, mobiles or laptops?

Yes we provide options for all of these devices separately or together. As most people work in different locations with different devices you can share your number across them all. So contacts can always reach you on your dedicated number.

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