Migrating to Cloud Telephony

Costs differences between traditional phone systems versus Avalle4Business

Up front capital purchase Flexible subscription model
You need to pay for future growth 12,24 or 36 months ahead Only pay for services you need when you need them
You need to pay for ongoing maintenance Included as part of the service
Need to pay for ongoing adds, moves and changes Included as part of the service
You need to upgrade the system hardware and software as it becomes obsolete Your platform service is always being upgraded and improved as part of the service
You need to pay ongoing rental for SIP trunks, analogue lines or digital lines. Your bandwidth dictates how many calls you can handle, no need for ongoing line rental
Communication room space required to house the phone system No on site space required, devices plugged directly into your router
Moving location requires expensive engineering work No Impact

Avalle4Business provides a considerably lower cost of ownership in comparison to a traditional phone system providing savings, removing many ongoing hardware, software and resource costs.

The Benefits of Avalle4Business Cloud Communication

The financial advantages of Cloud Communications are clear and compelling. But the economics are just the beginning of the real business value


Ensure Seamless Experiences

By integrating multiple communications and collaboration services across fixed and mobile devices, you can deliver the seamless experience your employees and customer expect


Expand Your Opportunities

Free from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce, you can expand and grow your business however you need

Work Smarter, Anywhere

With access to all the information and tools they need – anywhere, anytime – your employees can significantly improve their productivity

Stay Ahead With The Latest Technology

Always being up-to-date with the latest technology, and having access to sophisticated new features, ensures you stay competitive and don’t fall behind

Reduce Your Risks

Equipped with built-in resilience and security, you significantly reduce the risk of damaging downtime


Free Up Time

With your cloud services provider managing and maintaining the system, you can focus on growing your business, not your phone system

When you should consider moving to Avalle4Business

  • Are you moving site and need to retain your telephone number?
  • Do you need to integrate staff from different locations?
  • Do you need to provide home working?
  • Do you flexible workforce with seasonal and short term contacts?
  • Do you need to be more dynamic in your approach to handling customer calls?
  • Do you need to reduce costs?

If the above questions strike a chord call us for a remote demonstration and tailored proposal, outlining the tangible benefits for your company moving to Avalle4Business.


When you are ready to move, we work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition from your on site solution to our hosted platform and follow a simple three step process to ensure you transition successfully and smoothly.

Audit your Current Situation

Identify and understand your current telephony set up, features and services, lines and bottlenecks and constraints that are causing you issues.

Identify Improvement Opportunity

Identify where Avalle4Business can improve working practices, increase productivity and save you money

Prepare your Business

We work with you to build the call flow, supply and or port the correct telephone numbers and set your services up ready to go.

Take the Next Step


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