Make Things Personal

How many people feel happy when they are recognised in a restaurant or hotel? We all do!

Personalising interactions creates a human touch, makes you feel welcome and most importantly makes you stay, return and reorder.

Customer retention is a critical aspect for every business, and there are many measurable statistics showing the disproportionate cost of acquiring new customers versus maintaining existing ones.

Well along with important stats don’t forget people sell to people and personalising inbound calls can be just as valuable as getting a friendly wave in a restaurant.

With Avalle4Business you can load your entire customer directory into our portal so all inbound callers names can be seen on telephone screens, allowing you to personalise your greetings. You can also prioritise key customers to specific people if they deserve even more attention.

It’s also just as easy to dial out from the customer directory; search from any phone, or PC application and click and connect.

The service is free, easy to set up and effective

Simple things work, try and imagine you’re a restaurant manager.

Sensible solutions by Avalle4Business

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