Fraud Guarantee

Phone hacking is just one of many security breaches a business needs to consider as part of their IT strategy. With the escalating amount of cyber crime taking place every day in the UK, businesses cannot be reactive to the threat and disruption they can cause.

Avalle4Business takes the risk of security seriously and understand that phone hacking can cost businesses hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. We house our services in a highly protected environment with secure password protection down to user level.

However phone hacking can still occur which is why we have introduced a phone hacking guarantee, which is quite unique in the industry. In the unlikely event of being hacked we guarantee you will not suffer from excessive phone charges.

Our approach is simple, we set a daily credit limit at extension level and in the event of a hack we cap the credit limit at three times the daily limit which is typically £15 and lock down your account.

Secure, safe, feature rich and flexible.

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