Being able to talk to a group of people is a critical tool to progress business objectives, however getting the right people together can be extremely difficult. Organising face to face meetings for 3 or 4 people may take days or weeks to set up and as the size of the group increases so does the difficulty.

Audio conferencing provides the perfect answer, and our service is one of the best in the market, it’s available free to all Avalle4Business customers, plus there are no ongoing charges you only pay for it when you use it.

As an Avalle4Business customer you can set up an audio conference in a matter of seconds.

The Avalle4Business is a private audio meeting room where colleagues and customers can dial in for a secure discussion.

If you need to get several people together quickly there is no better tool, and with no set up costs and no ongoing rental it is incredible cost effective.
All you pay for is the cost of the calls at 3p per minute per user. It’s simple and easy to use and participants can call from any phone, they don’t need to be on our platform.

  1. Share the number and access pin
  2. select a time and then
  3. dial in.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

It also allows you the ability to record the conference if required and run reports on frequency, participants and duration.

Why not take advantage of this easy to use free feature which comes included with your Avalle4Business service.

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